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Polite as F Sticker 3"


Image of Polite as F Sticker 3"

Slap this sticker on your laptop and let people know how EXACTLY polite you are. Slap this (gently) on your baby and it will grow up to be the most politest baby who ever babied.

Gluten free. I think. Still not sure what that means. Slap this anywhere you want to. Unless you aren't supposed to and maybe you have a restraining order on your ex boyfriend's new boyfriend (we've all been there, unless we haven't). But he doesn't deserve this sticker. We all know he is NOT polite. AT ALL. That jerk.

Thick, durable vinyl protects from scratches, water & sunlight. Free shipping. Because you need this sticker.

Product ready to ship within 3 calendar days. Usually quicker.

I enjoy stickers on my laptop, on my water bottles, my notebooks and (some) phone cases.