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Set of 4 Polite As F coasters


Image of Set of 4 Polite As F coasters

Do you have a friend or friends who never use coasters? For the love of god can’t they just use a coaster? How hard is that? You even have multiple sets of coasters around the living room and bar for them to take a hint already!

For those friends who insist on never using coasters, give us a little nudge and let us know it's only polite to use them.

3.7" circle of thick, premium coaster board.

Gluten free. No harm came to any glutes while making this product. That's what gluten free is, right? Don't eat this, people. I mean...unless you're into that. Maybe with some nice strawberry jam?

Set of 4

Embroidery hoop not included. Only the coasters.