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Per My Last Email Hoop

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You don't even have to SAY IT or even THINK about it! Hang this up behind you (or in front of you if you face a wall) and your coworkers will turn around at the reminder and go back to their emails. What, your dog doesn't have an email address? She needs one. Cats never read emails, and they never ask questions. So they'll see this and either love it or hate it you'll never know.

Why are we talking about cats?

This 10" piece is pastel so it'll make you and everyone else who sees it VERY CALM.

When you're more passive than aggressive, this gets your message across. Or is this aggressive? I always get those things wrong. I was aggressively giggly when I made this.

Made with 100% cotton, and a bamboo hoop. 100% cotton DMC thread.

Product ready to ship within 3 calendar days. Usually quicker. I'm sorry, the cat insists on sitting on the envelopes. Cats and paper...amirite.

JK, I don't have a dog. Or a cat.